North: Judy K. and Maribeth found a fresh crawl north #16mm! We hope was the second attempt by the turtle that came up at the Beach Club around 7:30 last night and made a U turn. Prince George residents observed her at sunset and apparently left her alone to nest:) Maribeth probed, located the egg chamber and the decision was made to move the nest laid below the spring tide line. Judy said she did the entire procedure very well…way to go Maribeth!
DEB60 relocated to 85 yds. south #16mm 
DEB05 natural south #12mm  Ingrid & Tom will inventory Monday morning

Hobcaw: Brandie and Ryan had this report:

HOB05 5/26 north #8mm  10-15 more tracks out  Robin will inventory Tuesday morning when subbing for Martha

HOB11 5/28 south #4mm  Hatch! 30 tracks out   Kathi A. will inventory on her Wednesday morning walk

Inventory results:  HOB02 5/22 south #13mm   1 live hatchling released   Hatch Success: 85%

Photos from DEB07: Judy K. sent some great photos of a few of the hatchlings from the inventory of DEB07 last night.

DEB 60 HOB 65 SCUTE 327 SC 7903

7-21 This nest was laid low on the beach. Judy and Maribeth decided to relocate it.
7-21 Maribeth probed, located and relocated DEB60 solo! She is getting close to certification.
7-21 Brandie did the morning inventory of HOB02. With one live hatchling released, the nest hatch success was 85%:)
7-21 One hatchling had not made it out of the nest of HOB02. Brandie put it on the beach to crawl to the ocean.
7-21 Judy K. took some great photos of hatchlings from the inventory of DEB07.
7-21 A hatchling from the inventory of DEB07 heads for the ocean.