North: Lourdes and Betsy subbed for Bob B. and had a nest and this report:

DEB63 natural 15 yds. north #16mm  Yesterday’s U turn turtle came
straight in and laid a nest that Lourdes easily located! The turtle then wandered north for a while before reaching the inlet/ocean (glow of MB).

Inventory Schedule:
Sunday at 6:00 p.m.:
natural 6/20 north #9mm

DEB 20 natural 6/6 north #14mm (Prince George)

Middle: Pat, Marie and Beth had this report:

Inventory results: DEB26 6/14 north WW#6   Hatch Success: 75.7%
   with 7 hatchlings released
Inventory Schedule:
Tonight at 6:00 p.m.: DEB24
6/11 south WW#3 

Monday at 6:00 p.m.: DEB32 natural 6/17 south WW#4

Hobcaw: Buffie and Mark, subbing for Bill, had lots of hatching activity and this report:

These nests have hatched and will be inventoried Mon. morning.
HOB28, HOB31, HOB33

DEB 63 HOB 67 SCUTE 350 SC 8547

8-9 Lourdes explored the crawl of DEB63 before she probed and easily located the egg chamber. This could be the last nest of the season for DeBordieu & Hobcaw SCUTE!
8-9 One egg from each nest is taken for a 9 year DNA study. Lourdes located the chamber and brought out an egg.
8-9 One of 7 hatchlings found in the inventory of DEB26 made it’s way to the ocean. John, Marie and Beth did the inventory.
8-9 A good hatch out of HOB31 with all tracks headed to the ocean. This was one of 4 nests that hatched on Hobcaw this morning per Buffie and Mark’s report!