North: Last night Buffie and Mark had to relocate DEB25 located 105 yds. north #12mm in a frantic situation as the tide was coming in and threatening the nest. Mark was able to remove 37 eggs before the ocean swept in and filled the chamber. This area is low and a “river” forms at very high tides. The beach slants back toward the dunes and is damp. 

DEB25  7/21 relocated to 89 yds. north #12mm  37 eggs

DEB25 was laid in a low area and had to be relocated. Mark was only able to save 37 eggs before the nest was inundated.

Mark received a photo from a neighbor of a turtle emerging from the ocean around 6:00 yesterday evening. She said it came up, made a U turn and went back in. There weren’t many people on the beach so she didn’t think it was spooked. 

A turtle emerged from the surf around 6 p.m., made a U turn and went back in the ocean.

This morning, Mark had a crawl just north #8mm that went up in the dunes. Due to lightning he could not stick around and work on it. Bill and Betsy went back when the weather broke before the tracks became unreadable. Bill found the chamber in the outgoing crawl!

DEB27  5 yds. north #8mm   

DEB27 located just north #8mm was likely the second effort of the turtle that made the U turn at Prince George Sunday evening.

Inventory of DEB02  with a total nest count of 158(!) this nest had a hatch success of 63%due to numerous unhatched eggs. Buffie and Mark released 6 hatchlings.

Middle: Carolyn was surprised to find a crawl between WW#2 and #3. The turtle went up to the dune and did not make much of a disturbance before exiting. There were foot prints and bike tracks through the crawl indicating the turtle came at high tide last night. This was likely the 2nd effort of the turtle seen at Prince George. DEB27 could have been where she finally nested:)

DEBFC24   99 yds. north WW#3 

Hobcaw: There was no survey today.

DEB 27 HOB 44 SCUTE 161 SC 5322