North: Lourdes had a crawl volunteers dream of just north of the Beach Club:) There was a textbook body pit on the slant of the dune with all the clues that it was a nest. Lourdes probed and located the egg chamber of DEB17 which she said was deeper than her other 3 nests this season. Turtles lay fewer eggs with each clutch. Nice job, Lourdes:)

Fox video: Last night we received a video from a neighbor out walking the North end of the beach with her children. They observed a mother fox around 8:45 with her kits close to one of our turtle nests. Let’s hope the mom doesn’t know how to hunt turtle eggs. She seems to be a regular on the beach at dusk.

Watch video:

Middle: Pat St., walking certified for the first time, had a U turn false crawl just south WW#2. This turtle came in around high tide (1:35 a.m.). DEB17 nested when the tide was lower so it may have been the same turtle.

Hobcaw: Bob B., subbing for Susan, also had a U turn false crawl north #12mm.

DEB 17 HOB 12 SCUTE 74 SC 2029

6-17-21 Lourdes found a crawl in front of North Beach Villas where the turtle came in as the tide was going out.
6-17-21 This is a classic body pit with the swirl of the turtle pivoting after nesting. She goes to great effort to disguise her nest throwing sand over it with all 4 flippers and inching forward. When she feels it is sufficiently covered, she turns and makes her exit.
6-17-21 Probing with her cue and locating the soft sand, Lourdes then dug down with her hand and found the egg chamber. She said this one was deep!