Each section had activity and it may have all been by the same turtle! With 2 false crawls to the south, today’s North nest ‘could’ have been the charm for this turtle. Lori noticed there was a distinct ‘V’ in the crawl.

North: Maribeth and Donna St. found a crawl leading from near the water line almost exactly up beside the #12mm! There was a distinct ‘V’ in the crawl. The body pit was in an ideal location and Maribeth proved it was a nest…Yay!

DEB18 Natural   just south #12mm   

Middle: Pat and John had a U turn false crawl just south WW#6 with no interruption of tracks. The turtle did not make it to the dune area and the also had a distinct ‘V’.

DEBFC09  south WW#6

Hobcaw: Bob had the company of Lori and Michael today. They were greeted with a U turn false crawl just south #0mm. This could have been DEB18’s first effort as she moved on north to try 2 more times. Bob documented Lori and Michael on their 11th wedding anniversary…congratulations!

HOBFC20  south #0mm   

DEB 18 HOB 7 SCUTE 62 SC 2504

6-10-22 Michael and Bob examine a U turn false crawl just south of Ocean Green.
6-10-22 Lori and Michael let their Friday turtle walk be a part of their 11th anniversary celebration!
6-10-22 Pat and John found this U turn crawl just south WW#6.
6-10-22 The crawl of DEB18 also had a distinct V in it. It may be the same turtle as the one who tried on Hobcaw and in the Middle.
6-10-22 DEB18 laid her nest high and dry for the upcoming King tides, etc.
6-10-22 Maribeth honed in on the soft area with her probe and dug down to find eggs!