North: Mark and Buffie were checking nests in front of their Prince George house around 11:15 last night and found a loggerhead returning to the ocean after nesting! This morning, Tom and Bob C. found the crawl. Bob did a good job locating the chamber:)

DEB55 natural south #13mm 

Middle: We will inventory both of these nests Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.
DEB01 south WW#4 DEB02 south WW#5

Garden & Gun article: There is an excellent article in the current edition about the SC Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Hospital and the enormous effort to rehab their ailing patients….good read!

DEB 55 HOB 63 SCUTE 303 SC 7391

7-15 DEB55 was laid around 11:00 p.m. 7/14 and obseved by Buffie and Mark as she returned to the ocean. Bob C., walking with Tom this morning, located the egg chamber.
7-15 Garden & Gun Magazine’s current edition has a great article about the SC Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Hospital. Their patients are sick/injured sea turtles that they rehab with the goal of returning them to the ocean.