It was a busy morning with turtle activity in every shape & form! Read on…

North: Buffie and Mark, filling in this Saturday, were tasked with relocating DEB08 north #7mm that was laid too low but missed the relocation window on 6/5. Mark took off south to meet Debbie to instruct her in how to relocate. Buffie headed north to survey that end. She found a loopy crawl that covered a large area north #15mm. Out in the inlet, emergency crews were rescuing swimmers out too far (all is well). Buffie focused on figuring out the turtle’s confusing path with 3 areas of disturbance. The turtle spent a lot of time on the beach. She solved the puzzle and amazingly found the chamber but then realized the nest needed to be relocated.

After 2 weeks, Mark and Debbie relocated 88 eggs from DEB08 to higher habitat and noticed that many were discolored and moldy. This is likely due to moisture from wash overs. Mark said Debbie was a good listener and did a great job:) 

Buffie called for relocation help and Debbie responded for another opportunity. Buffie was glad to have the help and Debbie said it was an awesome morning!  They relocated 92 eggs directly back to the slant of the dune.

Hobcaw: This morning Hobcaw Barony conducted a children’s educational program about loggerhead sea turtles on Hobcaw Beach. Wendy, Kathi A., Pat O. and I met the group of about 15 to impart what we have learned. They were an attentive bunch and were very interested in seeing HOB14, the fresh nest from yesterday. The highlight was probably Kathi’s story of helping Gimpy dig her nest:) Duane, walking Hobcaw, had no activity but joined the group on his return. He brought back a cool piece of driftwood. It was a busy but good morning!

DEB 18 HOB 14 SCUTE 81 SC 2124

6-19-21 Buffie found this loopy crawl north #15mm on Prince George Beach. It was like a puzzle to figure out the turtle’s path.
6-19-21 Buffie zeroed in on the body pit as the most likely area that the turtle nested…and she was correct!
6-19-21 Debbie who is working toward certification had the chance to assist in 2 nest relocations this morning. Mark and Buffie, her instructors, were impressed with her ability:)
6-19-21 With Mark instructing, Debbie relocated DEB08 laid on 6/5. After 2 weeks it can be carefully moved to the slant of the dune for healthier incubation.
6-19-21 Many of the eggs were discolored likely to moisture from wash overs by the ocean. It is good the nest was relocated.
6-19-21 Volunteer Pat explains the turtle’s life cycle to this Hobcaw Barony children’s group.
6-19-21 The group enjoyed Kathi’s story of Gimpy, the 3 flippered turtle. She actually assisted Gimpy in digging her egg chamber!
6-19-21 The turtle’s tracks from a nest laid yesterday were still visible. Wendy & Pat show how to read the incoming/outgoing tracks.
6-19-21 The group gathered to document their time on Hobcaw Beach learning about loggerheads.