This morning’s wild storm caught everyone by surprise! All our volunteers were already on the beach, got caught in the storm but are thankfully safe.

North: Judie E. was able to cover the North, finding one crawl just north #12mm. This was a classic body pit on the rise of the dune. She was able to locate the chamber and accomplish everything before the storm hit.
DEB37  natural  north #12mm 

Middle: Bob B. was subbing for Jackie and made it back wet but before the brunt of the storm. Finding no activity he managed to get this spooky photo.

Hobcaw: Wendy and Duane got as far at #13mm (and could see a little way beyond) before turning back and capturing these wicked sky images.

DEB 37 HOB 36 SCUTE 188 SC 4558

6-22 The only activity reported today was this crawl at Prince George just north #12mm. Judie was able to locate the egg chamber and accomplish everything before the lightning and rain came.
6-22 Judie wasted no time locating the chamber of DEB37 as the storm approached.
6-22 Bob B. captured this image of the ebony sky just before the storm began.
6-22 Wendy’s dramatic panoramic photo shows eerie stratus clouds over Hobcaw Beach.
6-22 Duane looks apprehensively at the approaching storm clouds. The beach is a scary place to be in weather like we had this morning….be safe!