North: Last night around 10:00, Buffie and Mark received a text and photo of a nesting turtle from a Prince George neighbor. They got to the beach in time to see the large loggerhead making her way back to the ocean at dead low tide. Mark was able to measure her (40″ length x 37″ width) and photograph using his iPhone that uses no flash but makes it look like daylight. Buffie took this video:  using a red flashlight and then edited it in black & white. The nest was low on the beach and Beth was notified for her Tuesday walk.

Beth and Marie were relieved the rain had stopped for their mission of finding and relocating the nest of the observed turtle. Probing, Beth located the eggs, Marie went to dig the new chamber directly behind just north #13mm and they got to work with the transfer. Both volunteers filled the bucket and successfully relocated the large nest to the new location. Way to go Beth and Marie!

Middle: Judy, subbing for Kathy C., had a loopy crawl in front of Pioneer Place Villas. There was no evident body pit or thrown sand. Judy gave it multiple tries but found nothing.

Hobcaw: Robin, subbing for Martha, stepped out WW#12 to find a crawl in Ocean Green with a body pit against the scarp. Finishing her walk and having no other activity, she headed back to probe and relocate. Judy went to assist, Robin located the chamber and together they moved the nest just south #0mm to safer habitat. Great teamwork Robin and Judy!

DEB 22 HOB 15 SCUTE 91 SC 2435

6-21-21 This large loggerhead was observed returning after nesting on Prince George Beach around 10:00.
6-21-22 It was a beautiful nest but volunteers Buffie and Mark knew it would need relocation to higher ground for safe incubation.
6-22-21 After Beth located the egg chamber, Marie helped transfer 142 eggs from the original nest to the new one.
6-22-21 With their mission accomplished, Beth and Marie celebrate with a selfie:)
6-22-21 The Ocean Green area is prone to tidal flooding so all nests much be relocated south. Robin found this south of WW#12.
6-22-21 Working together, Robin and Judy relocated HOB15 to south #0mm.
6-22-21 Robin was glad to have Judy’s help as the retrieved 105 eggs from HOB15 and carried them south.