North: In keeping with this season’s almost daily activity, Peggy called in a crawl south #10mm! She and former homeowner, Karen, walked on to the inlet while Betsy biked to the crawl for training. Peggy, who is working on her certification, determined incoming/outgoing tracks which had a big difference in length. This was a tidy turtle which is a dream crawl for volunteers:) Peggy concentrated on the middle of the crawl and did all the probing. She quickly found the chamber and dug down to find the egg chamber! Karen went for supplies and they protected the nest. Good job Peggy!
DEB 7   HOB 3   SCUTE 33   SC 913
DEB07 was a beautiful crawl by a tidy turtle.
Peggy was happy to locate the egg chamber!
Former homeowner, Karen fetched supplies so she and Peggy could protect DEB07. Good teamwork:)