PRG: It was a busy morning with 2 false crawls and a natural nest.

North of the clubhouse and just south of the North Beach Villas was a tidy crawl. Several beachgoers had witnessed the turtle up in the dunes and then crawl back to the ocean. Buffie analyzed the crawl with Michael, both probed and Buffie found the clutch. The nest was above the heavy wrack and HTL so it was left natural. 

PRG10N   north of clubhouse & south of North Beach Villas

PRGFC27  Ocean Park in front of houses

PRGFC28 (DEBFC28)  U-turn 25 yds south of SS#3

HOB: Judy M., subbing for Steven, also had a busy morning with 3 crawls before SS#9! Probing and digging in the 2 crawls that had potential, Judy did not find eggs but asks that Martha take a second look.

Martha arrived back from Greenville late Monday afternoon and needing to stretch her legs decided to check out today’s crawls on HOB. She started with Judy’s southernmost north of SS#9 and doing a fair amount of probing, concentrating on the middle swath of the crawl, located the egg chamber! This became HOB22 and, being high enough, she was able to leave it natural….go Martha!

HOB22  Natural  325 yds. north SS#9   

HOBFC37   250 yds. south SS#4  obvious U turn 

HOBFC38   260 yds. south SS#4 

PRG 10 DEB 14 HOB22 SCUTE 139 SC 6190

7-31-23 Buffie, training Michael, showed him the probing/digging technique and the clutch was eventually discovered! They were able to leave the nest natural.
7-31-23 Judy had 3 crawls on Hobcaw. This one had the most potential of being a nest but she could not locate the egg chamber. Later that afternoon, Martha walked down, gave it a good probing and found eggs…HOB22!
7-31-23 Martha found the egg chamber in the left-center of the crawl.