PRG: Buffie and Mark were greeted with a crawl immediately as they stepped off their walkover. Unfortunately it was a false crawl. The turtle crawled up to the escarpment, turned south and after about 15-20 ft, turned and retreated back to the ocean with no interruption of tracks. There were numerous coyote tracks on the crawl. There was no hatching activity.

PRGFC19 (DEBFC19)  50 ft south of SS4 (DuPuis home)

DEB: Debbie had no activity and said all the nests looked good. Arriving on the beach pre-sunrise, she captured these 2 kayakers enjoying the calm ocean.

HOB: Steven overslept so Michael E. set off on his own to survey. He immediately found a crawl just south SS#0 leading up to a tree but not showing nest potential. He walked on toward SS#4 to find another crawl that looked more likely and was a tidy turtle. Having no DEB activity, Debbie went to work with Michael who was finishing the walk and found 2 more crawls! In the interest of time, Debbie probed and located the egg chamber and we decided it could be left natural. Michael joined her and they checked out the other 2 crawls and found no eggs. Martha will give them a second look tomorrow. Michael and Debbie had a very impromptu morning and made the best of it…yay team!

HOBFC24   just south SS#0 

HOB19  Natural  north SS#4 (at tree stump with palmetto behind) 

HOBFC25  between SS#4 and SS#9  False crawl

HOBFC26  between SS#4 and SS#9  False crawl 

PRG 5 DEB 11 HOB 19 SCUTE 114 SC 5174

7-17-23 False crawl at SS#4 on Prince George.
7-17-23 Debbie was out on the beach before sunrise and captured these 2 kayakers peacefully rowing on a calm ocean.
7-17-23 Michael and Debbie had a busy morning on Hobcaw with 3 false crawls and this nest…HOB19!