There was lots of activity this morning along our 6 miles of beach!

PRG: Lourdes, accompanied by Louise Givens, had a busy morning. They encountered a crawl fairly low on the beach with definite potential in Arcadia north of SS#3. Having no other activity they began working on the tidy crawl and Lourdes quickly found the clutch. As it was well below the HTL, the nest was relocated directly back above the heavy wrack line at the toe of the dune on a gentle slope. On a busy morning, Lourdes was appreciative of Louise Givens’ assistance and today’s activity provided a great learning opportunity for Louise.

Interestingly, a Prince George resident was walking his dog on the beach around 6 am this morning and saw the loggerhead laying PRG09. 

PRGO9R   north of SS#3 directly back from original location  

DEB: Pat S. found a crawl south WW#9 with no typical body pit and several areas of mounded sand. She probed extensively and Michael came along and did the same. No eggs were located.

DEBFC26  False Crawl  50 yds. south WW#9

HOB: Mitzi, Judy and her daughter found a crawl north of SS#9 that was low on the beach but had nest potential. Mitzi continued on south to check the south end. Returning, Judy had located the egg chamber, put the eggs in the bucket (with counting help from her daughter) and Mitzi put the clutch in the new chamber….a great team effort!

HOB20  Relocated 300 yds. north SS#9  laid below STL and moved directly back/slightly north

PRG 9 DEB 14 HOB 20 SCUTE 132 SC 6004

7-27-23 PRG09 was laid low on the beach and needed to be relocated.
7-27-23 Louise, being trained by Lourdes, helped relocate the clutch of PRG09 to safer habitat for incubation.
7-27-23 PRG09 was safely moved to higher ground for incubation.
7-27-23 HOB20 was also laid too low on the beach and would need relocation.
7-27-23 Mitzi and Judy gave HOB20 a better chance of survival by relocating the clutch to the low slant of the dune.