PRG: Immediately after stepping off of their walkover, Buffie and Mark were greeted with a crawl without a well-defined body pit. Rather there was long narrow disturbed area with a lot of thrown sand. The turtle then turned around, headed back towards the ocean taking a detour south for a good way before finally heading to the ocean. Buffie probed the long disturbed area of sand and finally located the clutch under one of the piles of sand. As the nest was well below the HTL, the nest was relocated directly behind and on a gentle slope at the toe of the dune.  

Mark walked south and came upon a short U-turn false crawl about 50 yds. south of SS#3.

PRG08   Relocated  5 yds. south of SS#4 (DuPuis house)  

PRGFC25 (DEBFC25)  about 50 yds. north SS#3

PRG 8 DEB 14 HOB 19 SCUTE 129 SC 5844

7-24-23 Buffie had a crawl with a long stretch where the turtle obsessively covered her nest and tracks.
7-24-23 Buffie located the egg chamber about midway in the covering section of the crawl…good job!