Mark & Buffie did the inventory of PRG05N the evening of 9/7. When this nest was laid on 7/6/23, the pattern of the crawl and the body pit was suspect for a green sea turtle rather than the usual loggerhead. Because of the unusual hatching activity, there was concern that this nest might have suffered tidal inundation from Hurricane Idalia and might not be a good nest. Much to Mark & Buffie’s surprise, this nest did great with a 93% hatch success! Had we known this ahead of time there would have been a public inventory of this nest. Mark & Buffie released 12 live green hatchlings; some frisky and some with gimpy flippers. All made it to the ocean. The hatchlings had the typical characteristics of green sea turtle hatchlings: a milky white plastron (underside), 4 lateral scutes on its carapace (shell), huge front flippers and a white border on the flippers.

Here is a link to a short video of the nest from the morning it was laid, through incubation, Hurricane Idalia, hatching and inventory:

Milky white plastron of green sea turtle hatchling
Green sea turtle hatchling with huge front flippers and white border on flippers
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