It was a very pleasant evening for the public inventory of PRG06N (55 days) that was located in Ocean Park just south of the North Access Rd. We had 5 spectators including a couple that has been watching this nest since it was laid and dying to know more about the nest. They just happened to be sitting on the beach close by and were unaware that we were going to inventory the nest, something that they have wanted to see for years. Needless to say they were excited and fascinated. Judy, Carolyn, Louise, Pat St, Lourdes, Buffie and Mark all helped with this inventory. There was 1 live frisky crowd-pleasing little hatchling that made it out to the ocean in spite of the fairly rough surf. Bill B was there cheering us on. This was a very successful nest with a hatch success of 91%!

A small group of spectators were fascinated with the inventory process.
Pat St Louise, Buffie, Judy, Carolyn, & Lourdes excavating the nest and counting and sorting its contents.
1 live frisky hatchling was released and made it to the ocean.
MarK, Lourdes, Carolyn, Judy, Buffie, Pat St and Louise all assisted with the inventory.
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