We have officially broken our 2013 record of 108 nests and now stand at 111! Bob C. probed and located DEB51 which put us over in the Middle…yay Bob. Susan and Lourdes sealed the deal with an additional 2 nests on Hobcaw!

Middle: Bob C. sent a photo of a potential nest south WW#7. Bill went to instruct and said his student did a professsional job of finding the nest. It had to be relocated so they moved it north of WW#6. Donna joined them for some extra relocation experience.
DEB51 relocated to south WW#5 originally located south WW#7

Hobcaw: Susan and Lourdes had 2 crawls which Lourdes totally did on her own. Susan said she nailed both!

HOB59 natural north #13mm 

HOB60 natural south #6mm 

DEB 51 HOB 60 SCUTE 293 SC 7110

7-11 Bob C. found the crawl of DEB51 located south WW#7.
7-11 DEB51 had to be relocated to south WW#5 Bill instructed Donna and Bob C.
7-11 Excited to have done the record-breaking nest, Bob and Donna are all smiles!
7-11 HOB59 was a textbook crawl where the turtle piled up lots of sand to disguise the nest location.
7-11 Lourdes systematically probed and did well locating DEB59 north #13mm.
7-11 The crawl and body pit of DEB60 indicated another textbook nest.