We did 2 inventories tonight both with good results. Thanks to the many volunteers who turned out to help

DEB15 6/4 north #13mm at Prince George  Buffie/Mark hosted their first Prince George inventory 40+ attending

Team: Maribeth, Kathy C., Buffie

Turtle Talk: Mark

Hatch success: 90.6% with no live hatchling remaining in the chamber

DEB13 6/3 Beach Club Walkway   big crowd of 100+

Team: Jane, Beth, Pat S.

Turtle Talk: Martha

Bucket Duty: Donna

Hatch success: 85% with one live hatchling released

8-5 The inventory team of DEB15 dug out the nest contents.
8-5 Mark educated the Prince George crowd about the loggerheads and their nesting habits.
8-5 Buffie showed onlookers an unhatched loggerhead egg. They are about the size of a ping pong ball but leathery and not hard like a chicken egg.
8-5 A large and interested crowd of 100+ attended the inventory of DEB13 at the Beach Club Walkway.
8-5 Martha spoke to the turtle enthusiasts and revealed that DNA showed this turtle nested at Myrtle Beach and Garden City before laying her third nest at DeBordieu.
8-5 One hatchling was found in the nest chamber that did not make it out on it’s own.
8-5 The crowd gathers at the water line to see the hatchling off to it’s 3 day frantic swim to the Gulf Stream.