Tonight we did 2 inventories and had a total 0f 14 hatchlings released! This was great education for those who came.

DEB22 natural 6/8 south #13mm (Prince George)

Team: Haden, Anita, Buffie

Turtle Talk: Mark

Bucket duty: Kathi A., Haden

Hatch Success: 73.5%   with 30 eggs that did not develop and 10 live hatchlings found throughout throughout the nest.

DEB25 relocated 6/12 north WW#3

Team: Lourdes, Martha, Walter

Turtle Talk: Bob C.

Bucket duty: Betsy

Hatch Success: 69%  incubated in renourished sand with 29 undeveloped eggs and 4 hatchlings hatchlings released

8-7 Anita, Buffie and Haden did the inventory of DEB22 at Prince George.
8-7 10 hatchlings were brought out of the Prince George nest DEB22 that would not have made it out on their own. They were put in a bucket and later released on the beach to crawl to the ocean!
8-7 Kathi released the 10 hatchlings to crawl on the beach and ‘imprint’.
8-7 This turtle seems to be waving goodbye as he/she heads for home…the Great Atlantic Ocean!
8-7 One of 4 turtles released from the nest of DEB25 at DeBordieu makes tracks to the ocean.