It was a beautiful evening for a double header! With the low humidity, it was pleasant doing both inventories with small, interested groups at each. Thanks to Kathy S. and Lori for their great photography!

DEB24 Relocated 6/24 south #9mm   Trisha dug out the nest contents as Lourdes sorted the contents into categories. 2 hatchlings, both with left flipper issues. They were released to crawl on the beach but had to be escorted past the breakers by Mark. 73.5% HS

DEB25 Relocated 6/22 south #8mm   Lori dug out her first chamber and doing a good job and passing contents to Kathy S. and Michael for the sorting/counting. The one and only hatchling she excavated was a leucistic turtle. This condition is a lack of pigmentation (similar to albinism) that leaves these turtle at a disadvantage as they are not able to camouflage as well and are prone to sunburn. We also had a leucistic hatchling at an inventory last year (2021 photo). In spite of this disadvantage, the DEB25 hatchling was frisky and made it’s way quickly to the ocean!  70% HS

8-20-22 One of 2 hatchlings freed from DEB24 had a weak left flipper.
8-20-22 Mark assisted the 2 hatchlings with bad left flippers by carrying them past the first several breakers.
8-20-22 A leucistic hatchling was found during the inventory of DEB25. The condition is a lack of pigmentation leaving the turtle more vulnerable to predators and sunburn.
8-20 22 A small crowd gathered to see hatchlings from the inventories of DEB24 and 25 released to crawl to the ocean.
8-20-22 The leucistic hatchling had no problem making a beeline to the ocean. Good luck little turtle!