Tonight we did inventories on either side of the Beach Club but had no live hatchlings to wow the crowd. Both had good crowds of about 25-30 and good hatch success rates! The crowds were told there would be 2 more chances to see hatchlings with the Friday and Saturday inventories!

DEB12 Natural  6/1 located 3 yds. south #6mm (Ocean Park)    88%!

Judy M. and Debbie Y. sorted/counted while Jean dug out the nest. Bill gave the turtle talk and Martha was Inventory Captain

DEB15 Relocated  6/1 located 145 yds. south Beach Club walkway  89%!  

Trisha and Beth sorted/counted while Mitzi dug out the nest. Kathi was IC and also spoke to the crowd.


DEB16 Natural 6/8 located between WW#5 and WW#6


DEB14 Natural (green sea turtle) 6/5 located 47 yds. south WW#2 (peach house) 

8-4-22 Bill imparted some of his turtle knowledge while DEB12 was being inventoried.
8-4-22 Jean dug out the nest contents of DEB12 while Martha, Debbie Y. and Judy M. counted/sorted the eggs. The hatch success was a good 88%!
8-4-22 Kathi educates the growing crowd with her visual aids and turtle knowledge.
8-4-22 Kathi gave the turtle talk while DEB15 was being inventories.
8-4-22 Beth, Mitzi and Trisha, who also relocated DEB15, did the inventory. The nest had a good 89% hatch success!