DEB26 Natural 6/24 south #13mm (Prince George)   90.9% HS

Mark delivered the turtle talk as Maribeth dug out the nest contents and Donna St. counted/sorted. One live hatchling was found in the nest which delighted a bigger than expected crowd!

HOB24 Relocated 7/1 north #1mm  81.7% HS

Lori dug out the chamber, as Michael sorting/counting, and at first brought out several dead hatchlings. Just as she was getting choked up, she began pulling out numerous frisky turtles and her mood quickly changed! There were a total of 16 hatchlings released with a small, enthusiastic group watching:)

8-26-22 Debbie shows the one hatchling found in the inventory of DEB26 to another little hatchling!
8-26-22 A small group enjoyed watching and photographing the one hatchling make its way to the ocean.
8-26-22 Thanks to our dedicated volunteers who give freely of their time for our beloved loggerheads!
8-26-22 Lori dug out the nest contents of HOB24 and Michael sorted and counted the shells, etc.
8-26-22 16 hatchlings anxiously scramble around in the bucket ready to make their way to the ocean!
8-26-22 One of the 16 hatchlings makes its way down a small scarp to the ocean.
8-26-22 A small group sees off the 16 hatchlings on their ocean adventure to the Gulf Stream. From there they will catch the current that will take them around the North Atlantic Gyre.