DEB01 relocated dated 5/13 located south WW#4

Turtle Talk: Paula
Team: Beth, Maribeth, Donna, Pat S., Bob B.

Hatch success: 36%

This large nest of 155 eggs had 17 crushed by female as she filled chamber and eggs spilled out when she laid the nest. Cleaning eggs is difficult with this many broken and the yolk sets up negative environment for incubation. No live hatchlings to release.

DEB02 natural dated 5/17 located south WW#5

Turtle Talk: Walter
Team: Carolyn, Duane, Mark, Buffie

Hatch success: 76%

This nest had one live turtle hatching out of it’s shell as it was transferred from nest to bucket. The crowd of about 75 enjoyed the release of this tiny, light-colored turtle and named it Shelley!

7-17 A crowd gathers as Paula gives the Turtle Talk at the nest of DEB01 south WW#4.
7-17 A turtle just hatching out of its shell draws many interested onlookers. It eventually wiggled out of the shell and crawled around in the sand-filled bucket.
7-17 The lone hatchling still remaining in the nest of DEB02 was extra small and much lighter than most hatchlings we see.
7-17 The crowd formed 2 lines and gave the hatchling a runway to the ocean…heading home!