North: We did 2 inventories tonight with a good volunteer turnout! These nests went through some severe weather, losing a lot of sand and with tidal inundation. It was good seeing some frisky hatchlings out of DEB58!

DEB58 relocated 7/17 north #9mm
Team: Kathi A., Bob B.   Hatch success: 52.7% Hatchlings: 11 released

DEB55 natural south #13mm  Buffie found this one last night and we think it hatched just before/during Dorian which explains the results:(
Team: Buffie, Mark   Hatch success: 0%

9-11 A few of the 11 hatchlings found in DEB58 made their way to the ocean but some were drawn landward to the setting sun.
9-11 Being a turtle volunteer means seeing the good with the bad/sad. It is always rewarding to see hatchlings in a nest that has been through such severe weather and still make it through. Turtles are a symbol of strength, endurance and long life.
TURTLESTRONG is our motto!