North Inventory results:
natural 6/19 south #7mm  (postponed last night due to rain)

Hatch success: 76.5% with 3 hatchlings released into the sunrise over a calm ocean

Middle: Friday inventory at 6:00 p.m. DEB39 relocated 6/26 north WW#6 

Hobcaw: Susan had this report:

HOB38 natural 6/25 (51 days) north #5mm Big Hatch – 50+ tracks  Brandie will inventory this nest Sunday morning 
Inventory results:
natural 6/18 south #9mm   Hatch success: 94.6%
HOB27 natural 6/13 north #5mm   Hatch success: 57.6% (lots of vegetation)

DEB 63 HOB 67 SCUTE 353 SC 8584

8-15 A sunrise inventory of DEB33 near the North Access Rd. in Ocean Park released 3 hatchlings that had not made it out of the chamber on their own.
8-15 Susan found the major hatch of HOB38 on Hobcaw Beach. She counted 50+ tracks all leading to the ocean!