During this busy nesting season, we are doing inventories in the morning for our remote nests.

North: Pat O. and Pat St. had this report:

Inventory results: DEB29 natural 6/16 south #10mm   Hatch success: 86.7% with 2 lively hatchlings
DEB21 natural 6/8 south #11mm    Hatch success: 97.3% with no hatchlings

Inventory tonight at 6:00 p.m.: DEB33 natural 6/19 49 yds. south #7mm (N. Access Rd.) 10 mi. walk from Beach Club   3 more tracks today

Middle: Donna had this report:

Friday inventory at 6:00 p.m.: DEB39 relocated 6/26 north WW#6   3 more tracks today

Hobcaw: Kathi A. sent this report:

Inventory results: HOB34 natural 6/19 creek side Hatch success: 85.2%    with no hatchlings to release

DEB 63 HOB 67 SCUTE 352 SC 8582

8-14 Pat O. and Pat St. found 2 lively hatchlings while digging out the contents of DEB29. They put them on the beach to make a run for the big pool…the Atlantic Ocean!
8-14 Kathi A. sent this photo from her Hobcaw survey of storms offshore.