North: Last night we did the inventory of DEB59 natural 7/18 north #14mm at Prince George. It was located post-Dorian by Buffie and Mark Monday night as they watched a total of 17 emerge. The hatchlings had been trickling out by twos ever since. We think this nest lost a good deal of sand and more than half the eggs as the nest count was only 45 (33 shells/12 unhatched). Mark notified the Prince George residents which drew a very good crowd. He educated them as Bob B. dug and Buffie counted. There were no live hatchlings remaining in the nest but folks were very interested and asked lots of questions.

DEB 63 HOB 68 SCUTE 357 SC 8751

9-13 The inventory of DEB59 at Prince George drew a good group of residents. There were no live hatchlings but Mark did a good job of education about loggerheads and our efforts to protect them.