Our GREEN dream came true with one live hatchling retrieved out of a chamber that seemed to go to China (30+ in. deep)! We gathered at WW#5 to inventory DEB45 and drew names to see who would be the team to dig out the nest. As Bill imparted his green sea turtle knowledge to a good size crowd, Lori dug with Pat St. and Donna S. counting/sorting. When Lori, laying prone, could dig no deeper, Michael stepped in to lend a longer arm. The chamber, which kept caving in, was difficult to locate so Bill gave it a try. Eventually, they struck eggs and began bringing out the nest contents. Lori found a lone hatchling in the side of the chamber and our hopes of seeing a green were realized! After a thorough examination, the turtle was put in the bucket for all to see. Though with a slightly misshapen carapace, the hatchling made its way to the ocean and was swallowed up by the incoming tide. This nest had a great 92% hatch success!

9-25-22 Bill gives a turtle talk on greens,
9-25-22 Lori attempts to dig out a very deep nest.
9-25-22 Bill tries to locate the green chamber.
9-25-22 The green inventory team finally retrieves the nest contents plus one live hatchling!
9-25-22 Green hatchling with white plastron.
9-25-22 Green hatchling crawling.
9-25-22 Green hatchling makes its way to the ocean.
9-25-22 The setting sun caused the little green hatchling to appear uplit!
9-25-22 The green, with its misshapen carapace, also had a downcast head and crawled on the tips of its long flippers.
9-25-22 Volunteers stayed around after the inventory for a group photo and to toast the 2022 season!