Stranded turtle: Betsy and Bill did their North Island survey Sunday rather than Monday and are glad they did. Their first crawl on the North Inlet side had an ingoing but no outgoing track. They followed a meandering crawl that ended at the nest near a lake. The coyotes had already depredated 1/3 of the eggs and the turtle tracks went into the lake. There was no turtle in sight. Three hours later on their way back, Bill spotted the turtle on a sandbar in the lake. She was exhausted, parched and not moving. They hydrated her with buckets of water and she perked up and began to move. It was very slow-going as she had 250 yds. to go to the ocean! They continued the bucket showers. She got a little more than halfway and quit crawling. Betsy hopped on the ATV and found a father and son near Jones Creek who helped them put the turtle on the ATV tarp and drag her to the slant of the beach. She finally knew she was home and crawled to the ocean! It was an amazing turtle experience. Many thanks to Mike and Conner Summer for their help!