We had crawls from 2 or 3 different turtles last night, not 1 as in the original theory!
Middle: Betsy had just finished sending the update and posting it on the website when she got a text from Jessica from WY. She is a visitor passionate about turtles and went to explore the crawls she had just seen on our update. She sent photos of the one at WW#1 and asked if this would be an area to probe (see photos). Betsy made sure they were talking about today’s crawl and told her she would meet her at WW#1. They started at the incoming crawl that looped around toward the ocean. Right at the end was a disturbance that had many footprints but also had dark thrown sand which is an indicator of excavation. Betsy probed and quickly found a very shallow chamber! Jessica was elated and Betsy was so grateful for her inquisitive nature and is convinced she is part turtle!

DEB15  37 yds. south WW#1   

Thank goodness for Jessica’s curiosity about the “false crawl” that seemed to have a body pit…she was correct!
Betsy and Jessica document the discovery and protection of DEB15 thanks to Jessica’s help!