Hobcaw: Robin subbed for Wendy and found a crawl just north #3mm. The turtle went into the grasses but didn’t appear to dig and crossed over her tracks exiting (false crawl). Further down just north #12mm, Robin found another crawl that had nest potential but was in a flat area below the spring tide line. She relocated it and found only 21 eggs! We have seen this before. It could be due to the turtle’s age, health or environmental issues.

HOB08 Relocated   to south #11mm      

Turtles in the news: This article about the turtle team at Hilton Head Island appeared yesterday in the Post & Courier:


DEB 18 HOB 8 SCUTE 67 SC 2542

6-11-22 A turtle crawled up to the low dune, turned around without nesting and crawled back over her incoming tracks.
6-11-22 Robin found this crawl south #11mm on Hobcaw. The turtle laid her nest below the spring tide line in a flat area prone to flooding.
6-11-22 Robin decided to relocate the nest and found only 121 eggs! We have seen this in the past and believe it could be the age, health of the turtle or environmental issues.
6-11-22 With such a small clutch, we will see how well only 20 eggs (1 taken for DNA) incubate over the 55-60 day period.