We just received a great photo of a loggerhead emerging from the rough surf around 11:30 a.m. The person walking said the turtle quickly turned around and re-entered the water. This could be the Pawleys Island turtle that made an attempt yesterday and is desperate to deposit her eggs. Maybe she will try again today or tonight. It is so impossible out there!

What to do if you see a turtle emerging from the surf: Immediately freeze in place and crouch down. Turtles are so skittish on land and any movement can cause a false crawl. Wait until she crawls to the dune, digs her nest, becomes still and begins dropping her eggs. You can then approach, always staying behind her and still at a distance. This requires patience but the reward is so worth it and something few get to witness!

5-27-23 This turtle came out of the rough ocean around 11:30 this morning but immediately turned and went back in.