There is still only one loggerhead nest in SC (Lighthouse Island, Cape Romain NWR) but there was a rare nesting of a Kemps ridley at N. Myrtle Beach Wed., May 4 at 5 p.m. South Litchfield Beach had a loggerhead false crawl this morning. The turtles are back in our area so we need to begin our daily surveys! Marinex is finishing up with the renourishment project and in the process of removing their equipment from the beach. Work will continue on the groins but not at night. It appears the Night Monitoring Team will not be needed.

We will begin our surveys on Saturday, May 5 at sunrise or before. Let the season begin!

5-5-22 Loggerhead false crawl at S. Litchfield Beach. The X through the crawl indicates a volunteer has documented the crawl.