North: Many of the nests were washed over last night due to the new moon 6.8 ft. King Tide. Wash overs are ok for nests if they are on a slant and the water drains off. When ocean water sits on a nest, it can suffocate the eggs because their shells are porous. We have 2 more nights of these extra high tides and will hope for the best.

Middle: Bob C. had this report:

DEB18 natural 6/6 (56 days) north WW#4 Hatch with about 30 tracks!   We will inventory this nest Sunday at 6:00 p.m.

DEB23 relocated 6/10 82 yds. north WW#7   We will inventory this nest Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

Susan had a nest, #128 for DEB & HOB:

HOB66 natural north #13mm 

DEB 62 HOB 66 SCUTE 345 SC 8356

7-31 Buffie could only watch as the King Tide totally covered several nests on the North end. There are parts of the beach that actually slant back toward the dune line and trap ocean water.
8-1 Bob C. found the hatch of DEB18 north WW#4. The inventory is Sunday at 6:00 p.m.
8-1 Nesting has slowed to a trickle so Susan was surprised to have this crawl north #13mm!
8-1 Susan said this tidy turtle made it easy for her to locate the egg chamber for Hobcaw’s 66th nest! The turtle made sure her eggs were just above this very high King Tide line.