Middle: Suzette had a U-turn false crawl at WW#7 

Hobcaw: Wendy subbed for Kathi A. today. Having found 4 crawls, Wendy called Martha to help out and start at the northernmost crawl. Wendy worked her way from the south in a great teamwork effort! Here is their combined report:

HOB19 natural 71 yds. south #2mm Martha located

HOB20  natural 64 yds. south #10mm   Wendy located

HOBFC15  26 yds. south #3mm 
HOBFC16  35 yds. south #4mm 

DEB 17 HOB 20 SCUTE 95 SC 2501

6-5 Martha found the chamber of HOB19 very near a dead tree. The turtle laid at the end of her incoming crawl…a bit unusual.
6-5 HOB20 laid her nest at the base of the dune. Wendy who has been training new volunteers for the past 2 seasons, was happy to have a nest to hone her skill!