8/11 6:00 pm DEB20 Natural 6/13 10 yds. north #8mm   

Pat St. was the Inventory Captain and sent this report: It was a very successful inventory of DEB20 before an enthusiastic audience of 20+ adults and children. Bob spoke to the inquisitive crowd as Judy M. dug and Donna S. and Jean counted and sorted. Kathy S. served as a photographer. The 2 live hatchlings were not the most fit, but determined! Donna carried one hatchling out past the first breakers. A very good nest at 92% hatch success!


This morning, volunteers trekked down Hobcaw Beach to do the nest inventory of our beloved Gimpy, the 3 flippered loggerhead. She has been visiting our beaches for 25+ years. With no left rear flipper, she has difficulty digging her egg chamber deep enough. Gimpy did, however, manage to nest on 6-14-22. Volunteers found 14 hatchlings still in the chamber and put them on the beach to crawl to the ocean. The nest had a very good 92% hatch success! Watch video:

8-11-22 Bob educated the small group and answered many questions about loggerheads and the efforts to protect them.
8-11-22 The DEB20 inventory team works to collect the nest data as Bob continues speaking to the growing crowd.
8-11-22 Two hatchlings were found in the nest chamber of DEB20.
8-11-22 Maribeth shows these children the 2 tiny loggerhead hatchlings.
8-11-22 Gimpy’s nest had 14 of her hatchlings remaining in the chamber! They were released to crawl to the ocean. Several had flipper issues (inherited??) and needed assistance getting past the first breakers.