Tonight we did the inventory of DEB06 Natural dated 6/2 located between Walkways #5 and #6. Duane was our educator, Lourdes our excavator, Jackie and Anita our counters. Much to the disappointment of the large crowd, there were no live hatchlings remaining in the nest (74% success). Duane reminded everyone about tomorrow night’s inventory of DEB09 north of the Beach Club at 6:00 pm and another chance to see turtles!

8-6-21 Kids for Lights Out for Loggerheads!
8-6-21 Duane educates the large crowd about our SC state reptile, the loggerhead sea turtle.
8-6-21 Lourdes dug out the nest chamber of DEB06 but could not find any live hatchlings that had not made it out on their own. Jackie and Anita counted eggshells and unhatched eggs. The nest had a hatch success of 74%.